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Money well spent

Orthodontic treatment is one of the best investments you can make in your appearance, health, and confidence! Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to achieving the healthy smile you deserve. We are sensitive to differing financial needs and take these into account when arranging a payment schedule.

Costs / Fees

Orthodontic fees vary depending on the severity of the problem, length of treatment,and type of appliance needed to correct the problem. Before beginning any treatment, we will discuss financial and insurance options in detail. Some dental insurance plans provide partial coverage of orthodontics, and we will gladly work with your insurance provider to help offset the cost of treatment. If you prefer to pay for treatment over time, a personal payment plan without interest can be arranged.

Payment options

Many employers offer a flexible spending account for medical and dental expenses. We can help you fill out any paperwork to help you receive reimbursement from a flexible spending account. We also provide a convenient option that requires no initial down payment and offers lower monthly payments. Please ask us about the wide variety of financial options available in our office.