Orthodontics does more than straighten teeth.

Here are some before and after pictures of Dr. Kuperstein’s patients. You will see examples of bite correction, jaw alignment, and tooth straightening.

Crossbite and Openbite

Crossbite and Openbite - BeforeBefore
Crossbite and Openbite - AfterAfter

Crowding with Ectopic Canines

Crowding with Ectopic Canines - BeforeBefore
Crowding with Ectopic Canines - AfterAfter

Openbite (Adult)

Openbite (Adult) - BeforeBefore
Openbite (Adult) - AfterAfter

Openbite and Overjet

Openbite and Overjet - BeforeBefore
Openbite and Overjet - AfterAfter


Overbite - BeforeBefore
Overbite - AfterAfter


Overjet - BeforeBefore
Overjet - AfterAfter

Severe Crowding and Diastema

Severe Crowding and Diastema - BeforeBefore
Severe Crowding and Diastema - AfterAfter

Severe Crowding (Lower Teeth)

Severe Crowding (Lower Teeth) - BeforeBefore
Severe Crowding (Lower Teeth) - AfterAfter


Spacing - BeforeBefore
Spacing - AfterAfter

Underbite and Crossbite

Underbite and Crossbite - BeforeBefore
Underbite and Crossbite - AfterAfter